A BLAMtastic® Story

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In 2007, when Renee Sandler read that only 12 CEOs leading the Fortune 500 were women she immediately thought of her own two daughters, Lily and Melanie, who were just 9 and 10 years.  She never wanted them to be limited by gender or any other reason.  So Renee took action.  Frustrated with the small numbers of women in lead executive and board positions in the corporate landscape Renee challenged the girls to start a business of their own as an exercise in empowerment.  We were "leaning in" long before it was a catch phrase.
Soon thereafter Lily had a slip of the tongue as she yelled "Mom, where's my lip BLAM?"  BLAMtastic® was born.  The girls examined what was on the market and began cooking a BETTER lip balm at their kitchen stove and selling it to neighbors and school fairs.  People loved it.  BLAM WAS A HIT!
As they developed their business they made a list of CORE VALUES that were important to their company:
  • Keep our manufacturing and services local to keep our neighbors employed.  Made in America and PROUD!
  • Keep it simple - Seek natural and botanical ingredients for our products.
  • Use the best quality ingredients on the market.
  • Be kind to the earth by applying sustainability measures wherever possible.
  • Offer unique products that improve upon formulation, function or fun.
  • Pay it Forward every chance you get.

FROM BACKPACKS TO BOARD ROOMS - It was a recipe for success.  With much hard work BLAMtastic® has grown from a home-based business to a multi-award winning consumer products company with distribution in the largest retailers in the country.



LIP BALM WAS JUST THE BEGINNING.  BLAMtastic® now has product lines in numerous product categories such as baby care, natural skin care, suncare and many others in development.  We can't wait to see what the future holds.
THE BLAMTASTIC LEGACY FOUNDATION.  We've learned a few things through our entrepreneurial experience:
  • 42% of kids have an idea that they think could change the world.
  • 77% of kids want to be their own boss and 72% want to start a business of their own.  When they share this information with adults they are not taken seriously.
  • 80% of college graduates cannot find traditional employment in their field of study.  
  • Loan approval rates for women entrepreneurs are up to 50% lower than that of male entrepreneurs.
  • Due to limited financing options for female entrepreneurs they are forced to start their businesses with 1/4 of the capital of their male counterparts.
Our experience has inspired us to support other young entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs in their quest to better the world through their businesses.  Our foundation works hard in support of these initiatives. www.blamtasticlegacyfoundation.org.