Lily Sandler, Age 16

At the age of 16 Lily is already an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker and nationally recognized expert in youth entrepreneurship. When Lily was just 10 years old, she was having trouble finding her lip balm. She said, "Mom, where's my lip blam?" Lip BLAM? Brilliant. Lily's mom said that would make a great name for a lip balm company. BLAMtastic® was born.

BLAMtastic® is passionate about empowering young entrepreneurs and supporting issues that affect kids and families. With that focus, Lily loves working and has grown her company from a home-based business to an award winning international consumer goods company. From product development and marketing to sitting across from the largest retailers in the world, Lily knows her consumer goods company inside and out. After all she did help to build it!

In her free time Lily enjoys traveling, sharing her story and supporting other entrepreneurs worldwide. She serves as a junior board member of Independent Youth, a non-profit with a focus on engaging young people through entrepreneurship. Lily also serves as a youth coach and advisor for Kingonomics Sprout.UP. She has been an expert speaker and contributor to dozens of entrepreneurial focused events. Recent events have included guest speaking at Georgia State University MBA Program and delivering the keynote address at two consecutive TEDtalks International Youth Day events.

Lily was recently named a Porsche Diving Force Youth by The National Center for Civil and Human Rights and Porsche Cars of North America for her work to address issues faced by women and young people through entrepreneurship. She was also recently named to the Top 20 Under 20 in Georgia. Lily has been invited to speak at the United Nations as a youth advocate.

Melanie Sandler, Age 15

As the Sandler sisters brainstormed their original product line, Melanie discovered she has a natural gift for creating amazing BLAMtastic® lip BLAM flavors. Kids go crazy for them. She has been doing so since her company began when Melanie was just 9 years old. Melanie has traveled the world to support the growth of BLAMtastic®. Since launching the business in 2007, Melanie has balanced her contributions to BLAMtastic® with her first passion which is music. She plays guitar, bass and many other instruments.

Renee Sandler

In 2007, Renee was discouraged when she learned that only 12 CEOs leading the Fortune 500 were women. She challenged her own daughters, then 9 and 10, to start a business of their own as an exercise in empowerment. They started BLAMtastic®, creating lip balm at their kitchen stove. Under Renee’s leadership, BLAMtastic® has grown from a home-based business to a multi-award winning, international consumer goods company with millions in revenues. BLAMtastic® now has product lines in several product categories that are sold in the largest retailers in the world such as Walmart and Toys R US and exported to several countries around the world.BLAMtastic® core business values include a focus on keeping manufacturing local and using natural ingredients.

Renee Sandler is an accomplished entrepreneur and award winning product designer recognized nationally for her efforts in advancing entrepreneurial education for women and young entrepreneurs. She has been featured on CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, Fox Business, Time Magazine and many others for her expertise. Renee has been a featured expert advisor and speaker including keynoting an international TEDtalk event. Renee serves as Chairwoman of the World Chamber of Congress Women’s Committee, which proactively addresses women’s issues through international commerce. She also serves as an entrepreneurial coach and advisor for Sprout.UP and Independent Youth. Disney has named the Sandler family one of the 10 most Impressive Families in America.

The Sandler family formed The BLAMtastic® Legacy Foundation, a non-profit, to forward issues for women and young people through entrepreneurship. The foundation is currently working on launching a business accelerator and educational outreach focused on women and young entrepreneurs. It is the first of its kind in the country.